De Bankjes Engels

2 Port Scaldis West

Bench 2 Port Scaldis West

If you leave the harbour of Breskens, turn starboard (right) via ‘Vaarwater Langs Hoofdplaat’ and the Thomaesgeul in the direction of Terneuzen. The most important maritime activities from Breskens take place in ‘Vaarwater Langs Hoofdplaat’: the transshipment of sea sand from the North Sea into double hulled inland vessels. Seagoing dredgers and inland vessels are often anchored here. Every day the imposing dredgers sail past the ‘beach’ of Breskens to deliver their sea sand. What is the significance of sand extraction in the North Sea for Breskens and its inhabitants?

51° 23.730′ N  3° 34.496′ E